PSI Cloud Suite

The PSI CloudTM Suite is Practiced Strategies' core modules framework and recognizes at least two distinct models for managing data that are engaged by every enterprise. The models are described within our framework as Content and Relationships, and may otherwise be viewed as Objects and Transactions. At the heart of PSI Cloud is an engine which effectively embraces both of these models and integrates them seamlessly in several core services, including:

  • Clearing House – load, transform, archive, and distribute data – on demand or scheduled
  • Reporting – produce a wide variety of outputs – on demand or scheduled
  • Web Publication – highly interactive and secure web portals
  • Data Gathering and Analysis – build forms, examinations, or robust surveys to gather and analyze data
  • Event Management – event registration and resource management
  • CRM – manage customers/members, relationships, interactions, etc
  • Donations and Fundraising – online and mobile donations, pledges, activity sponsorships
  • Billing – invoicing and ecommerce functionality

The PSI CloudTM Suite is implemented in a number of current cloud-based applications, including webEDIFYTM and Practiced OfficeTM.

PSI Cloud Suite

PSI Remitter

As regulations, responsibilities, and the number of investment providers continue to develop and progress, common remitters must master a more comprehensive approach. Through forward thinking, PSI Remitter provides an advanced solution to managing the review and compliance process using a browser-based common remitting platform. This platform allows for easy access by administrator, payroll, vendor, and participant. Administrators can consolidate and streamline unlimited plan types including 401k, 457, 403b, and insurance premiums within this CRM-based system.

Solution Components Include:

  • Enabled with a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Engine
  • Streamlined with File Exchange Portal
  • Developed on a Workflow Engine
  • Focused on Remittances for Contributions and Premiums
  • Configured for Transaction Review and Compliance
  • Controlled with Reporting for Management Dashboard
  • Enables Quality with Tailored Screens and Content

PSI FileXchange

PSI FileXchange is a comprehensive B2B web-based system that provides an advantageous solution for collecting and distributing files in a secure procedure. This system allows employers to upload files, administrators to publish data, vendors to collect files, and participants to complete forms online. Powerful yet simple ETL tools to import and validate interfaces with little or no manual intervention. It is the first open portal of its kind to deliver permanent archiving as well as closed loop reporting and confirmations. It includes a full role-based security model, which allows distribution management by groups as well as on a file level. Using a scalable e-business framework, the superior functionality can easily be integrated into any company's site or third-party product. PSI FileXchange handles nearly all file types and is not limited by high volumes or very large files.

Portal Components Include:

  • An API to Publish Documents and Interfaces
  • ETL Tools to Transform Data from Unlimited Formats
  • An Import API to Pull in the Data for Straight Through Processing (STP)


Practiced Strategies believes anything worth doing is worth doing well. So when the team set out to create a system that would help non-profits and NGOs, they gave a whole new meaning to the word "organization."

Built using the PSI CloudTM Suite, webEDIFYTM let's content management, file sharing, event registration and fundraising all live together in harmony. Previously insurmountable tasks such as reporting and member management are scaled down to size in an easy-to-use interface that plays nicely with the rest of webEDIFY's streamlined features.

Visit the site Visit to learn more.

Practiced Office

Practiced OfficeTM is an online portal built with the PSI CloudTM Suite and designed to help small professional practices manage their client relationships and billing. PSI is continuing to develop and enhance Practiced OfficeTM to ensure it's the most powerful tool on the market for professional offices.