Client Case Studies

Product support & architecture design for PlanServe

Posted on 12th December, 2013
The Challenge

PlanServe’s goal was to capitalize on new legislation and compliance requirements in the retirement industry, and provide a solution for companies effected by the changes. The solution needed to interact with employers and participants more effectively on the web without re-inventing legacy systems.

The Solution

The Practiced Strategies team provided PlanServe with the cloud computing engine that became the basis for their product offerings, and provided both development and training services in order to help PlanServe get their products to market quickly and at minimum cost. Spring-boarding off of the MACRIM engine, developed by the Practiced Strategies team, PlanServe released their first product to manage the common remitting process for Retirement Services providers. Using this system PlanServe & the Practiced Strategies team were able to provide solutions that included valuable features such as file sharing, invoicing, employee/employer relationship manager, and other vital components.

Practiced Strategies continues to provide high-level architectural, design, and development guidance to the PlanServe team, and partner with PlanServe to provide high-end web services to organizations such as Wells Fargo, United Methodist Church General Board of Pension and Health, Bank of Oklahoma, and other retirement service providers.

An online meeting place and market for Seed Savers Exchange

Posted on 10th November, 2013 in webEDIFY
Seed Savers Exchange
The Challenge

The SSE Yearbook is a printed seed exchange catalog where members share seed across the country. In its print form, it offers over 13,000 unique varieties (and nearly 21,000 total listings), making it one of the largest sources of heirloom varieties in the world.

Seed Savers Exchange wanted to convert the encyclopedic print yearbook into a web meeting place where members and, to some degree, non-members could search, browse, post, edit, and track listings. The project needed to be more than just an online library, but a social network and marketplace for heirloom seed lovers.

In addition, it needed to be user-friendly and easy for members used to listing seed “the old way” to transition to the newer web-based system. The site also had to take into account the legacy information that would be initially imported into the online yearbook.

The Solution

Practiced Strategies created a responsive site with an intuitive layout, making browsing and listing easy for anyone on a desktop or mobile device. On the back-end, PSI designed a new effective database structure then ported and converted over existing data.

The new site supports fast searches through relatively large repositories of data, provides secure transaction processing as well as secure storage of private information, and requires a minimum amount of support to maintain.

Furthermore, it includes features such as a wishlist, blog, member profile, transaction history, as well as the essential seed listings and browse pages.

Security-minded web application for Finding Solutions

Posted on 20th February, 2013 in Practiced Office
Finding Solutions Counseling Centers
The Challenge

Finding Solutions Counseling Centers, a Washington DC based practice, needed an efficient way to schedule appointments, manage their web content, bill clients, and more. The interesting caveat to this project was the need to protect the privacy of clients.

The Solution

With minor customizations to our existing Practiced OfficeTM, we ensured that even other therapists within the practice could not see each other’s client records unless permission was granted. We also extended the billing system to support a creative multi-level fee sharing between the clinicians, the management team, and the practice.

PSI completely redesigned their web site with responsive technologies, and it allows their clients to log in and see billing history, schedules, and more. New patients will be able to complete new patient forms online – self-populating the client management system so nothing needs to be re-entered by the clinician upon the new client’s first visit.

A complete solution for The Histio CURE Foundation

Posted on 28th June, 2012 in webEDIFY
Histio CURE Foundation
The Challenge

The Histio CURE Foundation wanted to increase its visibility and quality in order to create more enthusiasm and support for their goal of funding a CURE for Histiocytosis. They also wanted to replace event planning and fundraising functionality they were engaging at considerable cost with little control.

The Solution

PSI provided them with attractive web messaging, blogging capabilities, opportunities to create events, allow online registrations, and provide event participants with their own individual fund-raising sites, accept donations online, and more.

This site is responsive, with features readily available and easily viewable on most mobile devices.